Östa fishing one of the best Swedish fishing water with large pike

Östa Fishing

Östa Fishing in Sweden provides one of the best, most varied fishing waters in Europe with several species. A unique river landscape with large pike, pikeperch and perch in a wilderness are in Färnebofjärden National Park. Living in well-equipped cabins near the water, only I hour 45 min from Stockholm/Arlanda airport. Östa Fishing are a member of Sweden Fishing.

Fishing in Dalälven

More than 20 species dominated by pike, pikeperch and perch and with plenty of ide, bream, rudd and others. Pike over 100 cm are common and can reach 130 cm. The record pikeperch weighed in at 11.705 kg, while 1 kg perch are quite common and can reach 50 cm. Pike and perch can be fished all year, but the best periods for the various species are: Pike – April-June and Oct- Nov; perch – July-Sept; and pikeperch – June-August. Our facility is open from 1/5 through 31/10.

Fishing package


Included in package : Fishing in Färnebofjärden Bay for one week. Seven nights in a modern leisure cabin with 6 beds over 3 rooms. Aluminium boat Linder 4,1- 4,4 m with 4 hp motor, anchor, life jackets. Service with fishing information, fuel, map over Färnebofjärden. Final cleaning  included. Arrival on Sunday after 4 p.m.

Price Pike package

1 boat: 11500 SEK

2boats: 14200 SEK

3 boats: 17900 SEK


Included in package: 2 nights, friday- sunday in a modern leisure cabin with 6 beds over 3 rooms. Aluminium boat Linder 4,1- 4,4 m with 4 hp motor, anchor, life jackets. Service with fishing information, 5 l fuel/ boat, map over Färnebofjärden. Cleaning on departure included. Arrival earliest at noon, departure no later than 2 p.m.

Price Perch package

1 boat: 4900 SEK

2 boats: 8000 SEK

3 boats: 12000 SEK


Included in package: Fishing in Färnebofjärden Bay for a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday) or a short week (Sunday-Thursday). Lodgings in a modern leisure cabin with 6 beds over 3 rooms. Aluminium boat Linder 4,1- 4,4 m with 4 hp motor, anchor, life jackets. Service with fishing information. Map over Färnebofjärden, 5 l fuel /boat, sheets, towels and  final cleaning included. Arrival earliest at 2 p.m. Departure at latest 2 p.m.

Price Pikeperch package

1boat: 7 700 SEK

2 boats: 9 700 SEK

3 boats: 14 200 SEK

Supplement:    Fishing licence for Färnebofjärden – 80 SEK/day, 200 SEK/week. Can be baught by the landlord.  Sheets and towels – 150 SEK/bedset. To be ordered in the booking.

Additional information: Fishing guide has to be ordered in the booking 

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Contact & booking

Contact information Östa fishing

 Tega, Vansjö 515
Zip/City: SE-744 91 Heby
Phone: +46(0)73-657 34 00
Website: www.ostafishing.se
Email: info@ostafishing.se

Östa fishing cottage by the river

Cosy, 66 sq.m. cabins in a pleasant cabin village surrounded by pine forests. Each has 6 beds (1 bedroom with 2 beds, plus 2 bedrooms with bunk beds). Shower/WC. Good-sized main room with sofa, TV and a well-equipped kitchen. Roofed patio with furniture; parking by the cabin. 100-500 metres to beach and boats. There is a service shop nearby, plus a restaurant/pub open in season. Additional cost for the cabin is always heating & electricity, SEK 2 /kwh. 

Service and fishing regulations


Linder 410 & 440 aluminium boats (4,1 m & 4,4 m) with 4 hp outboards. Fishing area chart, anchor and life jackets. One tank of fuel included in rental price, extra fuel supplied by the host at daily rate. Deposit SEK 1500 / boat on arrival. Restaurant open during summer season. Variations include rapids fishing at Gysinge  that also includes a handsome mill setting, café/restaurant.

Fishing regulations

“Catch and release”. You may only keep fish for evening meal, no fish may be frozen and transported homeThe smallest pikeperch allowed is 50 cm, salmon – 60 cm, grayling – 40 cm. . Catches of pike and pikeperch must be reported to the host before departure. Pike smaller than 50 cm and larger than 80 cm and pikeperch smaller than 50 cm must always be released. Fishing Guide ordered during booking.

Fishing equipment 

Pike and pikeperch fishing are done
from the boat. Once the ice has melted, the pike can usually be found in shallower sections until autumn. In late autumn the large pike collect in deeper water, swimming under large schools of whitefish. Pike and pikeperch are usually taken via spin fishing, trolling and for pikeperch, vertical fishing. The lures include large jigs, spoons, wobblers, jerk bait and spinners. Perch is primarily taken with smaller jigs, spinners and small wobblers. We do not provide equipment.

Additional information

The fishing preservation area is part of the Färnebofjärden National Park. This is the point at which southern and northern nature meets in Sweden, providing thus an unusually large species selection in both fauna and flora.