Activities in the local area

Swim at the Dalälven’s Riviera
The 5Km long sandy beaches offer possibilities to swim in private, or together with others. Here you can also find swimming spots for naturists. At the beaches you will find wind shields with barbeque areas, jetties and dressing cabins.

Explore the Färnebofjärden by paddle or motor
With a canoe or by motor boat you can make exciting trips to explore the nature at the National Park. Bring a lunch pack and go ashore at one of the many islands. Wind shields and barbeque areas available at several places within the National Park.

By foot on the Östahalvön (peninsula)
At Östa Nature reserve there are nice hiking trails through royal forests, the trails are 2,5Km, 5Km and 10Km. The trails are passing bird watching towers, settlements from the stone age and the elvish Ingbo springs.

Miniature golf at Älvåsa
Älvåsa summer coffee shop offer miniature golf, football pitch, games and some evenings entertainment.

Gysinge utility environment is well worth a visit. You walk down the old streets, feeling the wings of history between the old white stone buildings. Here you have the chance to see how the old utility community looked like during its 250 years of greatness of being Sweden’s largest ironworks. Visit the old store. Great fishing in the whitewater, with both grayling and trout. Restaurant and coffee shops available within the area.

Gårdsjö Elk Park is an exciting and thrilling experience. Go by tractor and trailer out into the protection and come close to the impressive elks. During the guided tour you will find out everything you need to know about elks and how they live. There is also a santa clause museum, a coffee shop together with a souvenir shop.

Sala silver mine – an adventure of 155 metres depth. Sala silver mine is one of the world’s best preserved mining sites. Here you will see dark and loop drifts, grand mountain hallways and magic lakes. The guides will tell you about a long and exciting industrial history. Sala silver mine was during 400 years Sweden’s largest and most important manufacturer of silver.

Tärnsjö Handicraft shop and tourist information offer a typical arts and crafts from the area with speciality within wood, braiding, leather and textile. Tärnsjö is well known for its tannery and harness-maker school.

Olof Krans museum which is situated in the station house of Tärnsjö, gives a good insight to the history about the emigration during the 1840:s from the Tärnsjö area to the US. Nearly 200 persons followed Erik Jansson for religious reasons. They established Bishophill in Illinois. Kran’s naivistic paintings are important historic documents that describe the life of the emigrants in the US.

Colonist land is a farm showing farming from the old days. Here you can see how people lived and worked in the old days. The buildings are contemporaneous decorated and here you will meet the rural people when doing their chores with tools and implements from a time long gone.